Marijuana activist wins NDP nomination

Jack Layton and Alison MyrdenJack Layton and Alison MyrdenMarijuana activist Alison Myrden yesterday won the Oakville riding nomination to represent the NDP in the upcoming federal election.
Myrden lives with MS and a painful facial-muscle disorder that requires her to use marijuana as medicine, has a legal exemption from the Canadian government, and has starred in supreme court cases challenging marijuana prohibition. As one of Canada’s front-running activists, her nomination proves the NDP’s commitment to marijuana legalization.

A few weeks ago, she ran for the nomination in Burlington and lost.

“It didn’t discourage me whatsoever,” she enthused. “They approached me for running in another riding immediately and asked if I would be willing to go into another city or town. It just so happened that I grew up in Oakville, so I accepted that one.”

She describes herself as “excited and energized” going into the election despite running in a riding that is traditionally right wing.

“With Joe Clark endorsing Paul Martin, anything could happen. So we are going to be prepared and we are going to fight to win. Our platform includes legalization? and no joining the US with their international aggression. We will be talking about the full NDP platform of which legalization is just a part.”

Why does a medical marijuana user like Myrden support full legalization, when she can already legally use cannabis?

“Because I know all drugs are a medical issue and do not belong in the legal forum,” she responded, echoing the sentiments of medpot users across Canada, many of whom are raided despite their illnesses, and then have to prove their need for the herb in court.

Myrden’s Official Agent, Tim Meehan, a well-spoken activist for recreational marijuana, is asking for donations to make Myrden’s campaign a success.

“Anyone can donate, and their donations are tax deductible,” he explained. “For example, for a $400 donation you would get back 75 percent, or $300. We will have a pay pal account set up soon for people that want to donate online. Those who prefer to send a check through regular mail can also do it that way.”

Myrden is now set to speak loud and proud in favour of legalization, and her voice will carry across the nation. Her first speech as an official candidate of the NDP will be tomorrow in Toronto’s Queen’s Park, during the Million Marijuana March (the festivities start around 10:30 AM). Donations to her campaign will yield many times their value in helping to shed misconception and lies about the herb.Jack Layton and Alison Myrden

? Make checks payable to:

Oakville Federal NDP Riding Association

and send them by regular mail to:

Alison Myrden Campaign
807-2263 Marine Drive
Oakville, Ontario L6L 5K1

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