Med-pot raid in Maritimes

On Friday, April 24, 2004, the Hemp NB store and Cannabis Cafe in Saint John, New Brunswick, was raided by a dozen police officers, for allegedly selling medical pot to patients. All their store merchandise was seized by police, and the owners are going to be charged, but they still re-opened the next day.
The raid, executed with a search warrant, came after what police claimed was a “lengthy investigation.”

Owners Jim and Lynn Wood had announced in the summer of 2003 that they would begin selling medical pot over the counter to those who became members through their application process. Non-members were permitted to bring their own pot and consume it on the premises.

Friends of the store owners as well as volunteers present at the time of the raid claim to have been assaulted while being arrested.

“Our two volunteers were literally thrown to the ground landing one on top of the other,” said owners Jim and Lynn Wood in an interview with Cannabis Culture. “Everyone in the store was searched and taken away while officers tore apart our lives. They stole everything, including our street sign. They answered the phone all day pretending to be us, asking questions to all who called.”

Police also seized all their marijuana-related books and literature, including all their copies of Cannabis Culture and other marijuana magazines.

Charges of possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking are to be laid against the owners, but nevertheless the store was defiantly re-opened the next day.

The Hemp NB store needs your support to stay open and continue serving its patients. Please send them a donation or even an email of support.

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