Marie Krieger busted

Grant Krieger and wife MarieGrant Krieger and wife MarieMedical marijuana advocate and multiple sclerosis patient Grant Krieger, who has repeatedly been arrested for medical marijuana, suffered another blow when his wife and son were busted after RCMP officers stopped their car on the Trans-Canada highway east of Swift Current, Saskatchewan on Wednesday.
Krieger’s wife Marie, and his son Ryan were arrested and charged with possession for the purposes of trafficking after RCMP officers allegedly noticed that their car’s license plate was not visible. The Mounties claim to have smelled marijuana in the car, searched it, and found about $5400 worth of marijuana that Krieger says he was delivering to medical patients.

The feisty advocate set a precedent in Canada by refusing to participate in Health Canada’s medical marijuana licensing program. Instead, he grew his own medicine, was arrested for it, and received a favorable ruling in 2000 from an Alberta judge who gave Krieger the right to grow and possess medicine for personal use.

In 2003, the Supreme Court of Canada refused to overturn the Alberta judge’s decision, but Krieger was busted in January, 2004 in Manitoba, by the RCMP. The Mounties seized money and marijuana during that arrest.

Krieger has appealed for donations so that he can bail his wife and son out of jail, and also pay for the huge legal fees associated with his arrests.

For more information, please visit the website The Krieger Foundation is a national entity that Krieger set up to help medical patients across Canada.Grant Krieger and wife Marie