What will legalization look like?

Millions have campaigned for legalization in some way or another, even if just by walking in a protest march. But what will legalization be like when it finally happens? With all the work done to end prohibition, many of us haven’t spent much time considering what utopian benefits might accrue from the drug war’s demise.
Thanks to the excellent organizational and networking skills of Kirk Tousaw from the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, nationally and internationally recognized figures will come together for the first time on May 8 for a day-long conference to discuss what legalization might look like.

Included among the speakers is a canadian senator, Vancouver’s mayor, a police officer, several university professors and a roster of high-profile cannabis activists and experts. The presentations will cover the fields of economics, medicine, law-enforcement, and politics, among many others.

Tickets are only $20 and purchases are limited to 2 tickets per buyer. Don’t miss this historic, first-ever event.

Confirmed speakers include:

Hon. Pierre Claude Nolin, Senate of Canada (keynote)

Mayor Larry Campbell, City of Vancouver (introductory remarks)

Eugene Oscapella, Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy (regulatory options)

Hilary Black/Rielle Capler Vancouver Compassion Society (a roadmap to compassion)

Philippe Lucas, Vancouver Island Compassion Society (cannabis research)

Professor Jeffrey Miron, Boston University Economics Dept. (legalization economics)

Walter McKay, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (use of police resources)

Professor Peter Cohen, University of Amsterdam Centre for Drug Research (Dutch and European models)

Keith Stroup, Executive Director NORML (international treaty obligations and need for legal model to meet consumer demand)

Dr. Brian Emerson, BC Ministry of Health Services (public health approaches)

Eric Nash/Wendy Little, Island Harvest Certified Organic Cannabis (safe, legal cultivation)

For more information, contact the BC Civil Liberties Association at (604) 687-2919.