Show and tell

“And a child will lead them…” right to your stash! A Kentucky woman’s kids were so proud of their family hydroponics operation, that when police knocked on the door to investigate a noise complaint in June 2003, the cops were invited in and shown right to the plants.
Similarly, in September 2003, a five-year-old in Darwin, Australia, amused her classmates, shocked her teachers and frightened her parents when she took the stage during “show and tell” to demonstrate the proper way to fashion a bong from a coke bottle. The girl might have been praised for bringing her classmates up to date on harm-reduction techniques ? bongs being known to cool smoke and reduce tar.

Predictably, however, she was threatened with expulsion, counseling and a police investigation.

A children’s book called Mommy’s Funny Medicine is designed to explain marijuana to kids whose parents use it for medicinal purposes. But so far there’s no children’s book to explain to kids why they shouldn’t blab to the authorities. Until there is, parents should be careful to explain the situation themselves.