We Shall Be Released

Marc Scott Emery: `We shall be released!`Marc Scott Emery: `We shall be released!`I use the term ‘We Shall be Released’ in spirit of the folk gospel song because this is a harsh place, Saskatchewan, in the grip of an evil tyranny by the government and policing forces in all Saskatchewan, and there are many victims here, I am merely the most known of many victims of vicious marijuana prohibition.
It is a shame and disgrace that Saskatchewan is part of Canada, a condemnation of Canada, the province of Saskatchewan and the city of Saskatoon. The police in this province are implicated in many police scandals involving death, framing accused persons, concocting evidence, in addition to extremely punitive sentencing.

I was released on an outrageously high bail of $3,500! I am officially accused of passing two lit joints, thus I am charged with trafficking, which carries a 7 year maximum. The crown is seeking SIX MONTHS INCARCERATION on this charge, of passing two joints! I had in my possession 2.3 grams of pot.

In addition to $3,500 bail (in cash!), I cannot POSSESS MARIJUANA or HAND OUT MARIJUANA until my VERDICT, up to 3 or 4 months away! Wow! In addition, I MUST SUBMIT to any WARRANTLESS SEARCH OF MY PERSON, MY HOME!, MY CAR, at any time by any police officer. If I break these conditions, I will be remanded in custody until trial in Saskatoon. Wow!

Further, the crown here wanted a curfew, restrictions on my ability to travel and lecture and participate in the federal election. The crown also asked that I not be in any building where marijuana smoking may be going on. These conditions were rejected by the court.

In jail and remand, I could not eat any food as it was all garbage and contained meat, which I cannot and will not eat, so I lost weight (although I look much trimmer), though, strangely, I was never hungry.

My ankles are bruised an ugly blue from leg irons being put on them several times during the ordeal. I was conveyed back & forth each day in a stuffed, very claustrophobic and nerve wracking police van, crammed full with 12-14 prisoners.

There are many violent offenders, drug addicts and addicts to alcohol in the Saskatoon Remand Centre. I was always treated well by all other inmates, and the police or guards did not discriminate against me (any different from the systemic abuse all prisoners endure), but three days, $3,500 bail, searches on my home, person, car for the next 3 months (without warning), prohibition of any contact with marijuana, going 3 days without food, ALL FOR LIGHTING AND PASSING TWO JOINTS!

Ironically, a fan, Justin McGowan, sunk me when he testified to police, in admiration of me, that I passed out two joints, which brought about the trafficking charge and the avalanche of bad news. Even then, it is shocking and outrageous.

But then, that’s why I headed this thread WE SHALL BE RELEASED because the suffering of the cannabis culture here is great, and remedy is desperately needed, and I shall be here often to rally the marijuana community in this forsaken province. I am full of sorrow for the people here. They suffer a reign of evil by Bible thumping prohibitionists and corrupt police and sadistic prosecutors. I am merely a victim of their obscenities but unlike those here, I garner attention, unlike so many others here who languish in obscurity, and no one hears their crying or pain.

Thank you to all who called the detention centres and jail, but the sad truth is, the system here is cruel and punishments meted out cavalierly to those that these laws are surely designed to punish.

I read the Bible here intensely, not for redemption, but because I know now the Bible condemns all this unChristian behaviour. These people are Philistines who mis-use the Bible as their bedrock to inflict pain and punishment on the vulnerable, the poor, the young, the drug addicted, and other marginalized persons.

There are many natives in jail. All the natives I spoke to who were drug addicted or alcohol addicted had no father growing up, though they never said this information in any sentiment or cloying way. They were always surprised when I asked each one about their childhood, but I have learned from my patients at Iboga Therapy House that all drug addicts suffer awful and permanently scarring childhood trauma in their delicate youth, and they spend all their life struggling with this. The system metes out punishment in a most bitter, anonymous way, to individuals (though they are hardly regarded as individual persons) to whom they are never even responsible for the conditions of their psyche they now endure.

They are not all good people, but surely they will only get worse, and more desperate, warehoused and disrespected like this. It is a depressing situation.

A few inmates were very happy to know ‘a famous person’ and confided many things to me, and their brief trust made me feel blessed, that I have love of friends, family, others, and can take comfort in that while many here languish in despair that I know will be difficult for them to escape and survive.

I am to come back to Saskatoon next week on Wednesday for my ‘set trial date’, and I want to hold a rally at the court house, as I will do every time I have to come back here. I will redouble my efforts to motivate activists here and across Canada, as I have seen the enemy, and it is everywhere in Canada, moreso worse here in Saskatchewan. There will be no retreats nor lack of will, there is only honour and greater glory in doing what must be done to correct this awful situation.

I was delighted to find I enjoyed reading the Bible and studying it, and I am keen to read all of it, and then read Chris Bennett’s work, ‘Sex, Drugs, Violence & The Bible’ and learn more.

I will comment more later, but do not relent in your activism. I am released, but like you, and all others in the cannabis culture, here in Canada, the USA and the world, I am not free. We are stripped of our birthright, to freely enjoy God’s intended gifts, and an abomination is loose amongst us, driving many of us to despair, so we have this mission before us that will never end.

Thanks for all your thoughts, words, actions on my behalf. I am, as always in these times when I have been arrested (twenty arrests, 14 jailings, 5 raids now for cannabis), grateful and secure in the knowledge that people love and care for me, and I am humbled by your tribute to me.

I remain unbowed, vigorous to the cause, of which I will always put forth my best efforts on our behalf, and I am enriched by this experience.

WE SHALL BE RELEASEDMarc Scott Emery: `We shall be released!`

* Marc Emery arrested: www.cannabisculture.com/articles/3387.html