Emery released on $3,500 bail

Marc EmeryMarc EmeryToday at 2 PM Marc Emery was released from a Saskatoon holding cell on $3,500 bail. Prosecutors had argued that he should be held for months until his court date. Emery was arrested during a tour of Canadian universities and colleges.
When a Saskatoon local tried to take a picture of the arresting officers, another bystander, Justin McGowen, spoke up. McGowan was then shaken down and charged for possession. Since then, he has helped rally the local media on Emery’s behalf and has attended Emery’s hearings.

McGowan reports that Emery was released on the conditions that he have no contact with McGowan, that he not possess or traffic marijuana, and that he submit to random searches of his person, vehicle and premises by cops at anytime without probable cause. The prosecution argued that Emery should also get house arrest or, at the very least, a curfew. Luckily, the judge disagreed, allowing Emery to continue his tour of Canadian colleges and universities.

“I’m ticked off that he’s not allowed to have contact with me,” said McGowan after the hearing. “I was really hoping to shake his hand after he got out. But instead I had to duck out to make sure he didn’t get in any more trouble.”

Saskatoon’s harsh treatment of Emery, if nothing else, demonstrates why our barbaric laws against marijuana are foolish anachronisms.Marc Emery