Attend Emery’s bail hearing!

Marc Emery: held without bail for `trafficking`Marc Emery: held without bail for `trafficking`Perhaps Canada’s most well-known marijuana activist, Marc Emery, is still being held in jail without bail. Emery was recently arrested during a speaking tour of Canadian universities for passing a joint and charged with trafficking.
A trafficking charge for passing a joint is unheard of in Canada, as is holding someone without bail for such a small amount – Emery was arrested with an alleged 2.3 grams rolled into two massive spliffs. Activists believe that Saskatchewan authorities are unjustly punishing Emery for speaking out against the drug war.

He is being denied bail on the basis that “he may reoffend,” a ridiculous notion that could apply to anyone who ever smoked pot and got caught. The prosecutor also claims that Emery “coerced” others to smoke pot. During the initial hearing, the prosecutor falsely implied that Emery was sharing joints with underage youth, and was chastized by the judge when the claim was proven bogus.

The latest word is that Marc will be held for two months pending his trial should the judge decide not to release him on bail.

Emery has spent wads of his own cash supporting the marijuana movement, and literally puts his life on the line for the freedom of every pot-smoking Canadian by confronting the authorities at every opportunity. His bail hearing is Thursday, March 25, 2 PM at the Saskatoon courthouse. Pot lovers can show their support and gratitude to Emery by attending the trial, and protesting outside of the courthouse after the proceedings.Marc Emery: held without bail for `trafficking`