Pot in the wrong places

Depending where you put it, pot could be the blossom in the barrel, or a one-way road to the cemetery. Last September 2003, Canadian military police tore up 983 marijuana plants found growing in an active artillery range. Perhaps the perpetrators, who were never arrested, were just trying to get more bang for their bud.
While growers came out smelling like roses in the most dangerous of circumstances, one of their customers paid the ultimate price. Last November 2003, in what may be the first recorded death by cannabis, a man choked to death on a bag of pot that he tried to swallow when Texan police approached to help him change a flat tire. The motorist had been previously arrested three times for possession and was scared of going to jail.

Although it was fear of cops and a plastic bag that killed the doomed driver, we at Cannabis Culture wonder if the incident might spark a new government ad campaign against the dangers of pot.