Drug War Film Festival

911 and the BC Compassion Club Society present:DRUG WAR FILM FESTIVAL
Friday, March 12 8pm
$6 / $4 (911 members)

There’s been some incredible progress up in Canada lately. It’s almost like our friends in the Great White North are practicing sociopolitical jujitsu – snowy ying to our repressive yang. Canada’s drug policy has evolved to focus on harm reduction instead of incarceration. Moreover, marijuana use is practically legal (it’s tolerated) up there. But look beyond the cheech and chong jokes please, a sane approach to pot means fewer prisoners, medicine for the ill… and, well, much better pot. Tonight’s festival was organized with help from the BC Compassion Club Society, a non-profit healthcare provider distributing cannabis and other holistic medicines.

For more info: www.911media.org/events/screenings04/march.html