Secondary branches

I’m growing three Power Plant females in a seven square foot space under a 430-watt HPS light. After three weeks of 24-hour vegetative cycle and two weeks of 12/12 bloom cycle, the plants are about 2.5 feet tall. I pruned each plant to nine main branches per plant, so that each branch has a six by six-inch space.
What do I do about the smaller secondary branches that are growing off the main branches? Do I prune them or let them grow?

Always Learning,
Charlottesville, Virginia

The secondary branches are growing below the canopy. As the larger buds grow, the lower branches will be light starved and will not grow much, but they are using resources that could be focused on upper bud growth. When they are removed these will no longer be diverted. Instead, there will be more nutrients going to the top branches.

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