Entheogenesis Conference

Jan 30 – Feb 1, 2003BC Marijuana Party Bookstore
307 West Hastings
Vancouver, BC

Day 1
Bhang, Ganja and Charas. Ancient Cannabis Claims and their Scientific Rationale

Day 2
The Myth of Schedule I: Medical Uses of Forbidden Plants and Compounds

Featured Speakers:

Prof. Carl Ruck; Mithraic Entheogenic Initiation

Prof. Blaise Staples; Entheogenic references in medieval fairytales

Dr. Ethan Russo;

Marc Emery; Iboga Therapy House

Chris Bennett; Kaneh Bosem: The Hidden Story of Cannabis in the Bible

David Aaron; Entheogens and the Law

Renee Boje; The Conscious Re-introduction of Entheogens into Modern Society

website: www.entheogenesis.ca
Phone: 604-682-0039
email: [email protected]