Vansterdam provides weed and seed

On a Sunday afternoon in the British Columbia Marijuana Party (BCMP) bookstore in Vancouver, Canada, it’s easy to believe you’ve suddenly been transported to the best of Holland.
The store is situated on West Hastings Street amongst a row of shops catering to the burgeoning marijuana industry. Blunt Brothers caf?, and the Amsterdam caf?, are nearby, offering Dutch-style coffee shop ambiance. The smell of green herb is everywhere. No wonder Vancouver’s nickname is “Vansterdam.”

Inside the BCMP bookstore, the Dutch ambiance is very present in the back of the store, where Marc Emery sits at a desk entertaining visitors from around the world.

He loads and reloads tasty cannabis and hashish, and then provides choking bong hits to all willing visitors, including some travelers who drove 35 hours from the Yukon just to cough their lungs out while discussing seeds with Emery.

The seed sales area is more like a Dutch cannashop than a retail seed business in Vancouver, of which there are several.

Emery is a classy, friendly host. His seed shop resembles his live Pot-TV show, except it is more relaxed and he has more guests in the seed shop than on the show.

While people exhale blueberry smoke mixed with hashish vapor, Emery patiently explains pot growing and seed selection to novices and professionals. Most people buying seeds have no idea how to grow marijuana, it seems, so Emery has to give them a fast introductory course in botany and grow room tactics.

The BCMP is an ideal place for such discourses. It is now a one-stop shop that sells Sun Cell marijuana grow boxes, Advanced Nutrients fertilizers, organic fertilizers, lighting and fans, grow books, and other gardening supplies.

The shop also carries other fun items, such as gourmet hemp clothing for men and women, custom-made glass pipes, marijuana books and magazines, posters, and mushroom kits.

The BCMP store contains another store called Urban Shaman. This store within a store is run by American pot refugee Rene Boje. It has a stunning variety of ethnobotanical plants, seeds, tinctures and herbs, including peyote. The products that Boje sells provide healing, entertainment, insight, and spirituality. They are part of the menu of plants provided to humans for enlightenment and health.

The BCMP bookstore has been totally remodeled in the last half year. Its front window displays are creative art, the interior lighting is subdued and warm, and the workers are cannagoddesses who are happy to help you feel comfortable while you shop.

The store presents a unique set of opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Even in Holland, there are no buildings that contain seed sales, entheogens, pipes, Marc Emery, nutrients, grow equipment, hemp clothing, and ganja smoke all under one roof.

The BCMP bookstore, and the other marijuana-related businesses that are near it in Vancouver, have become a tourist destination and a popular place for locals. Visit the store in downtown Vancouver as soon as possible, and enjoy the multi-cultural mix of international cannabists who flock to this unique marijuana mecca.

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