Mama Coca wants Colombia’s fumigation to end

A Colombian boy shows blisters on his face caused by herbicide sprayA Colombian boy shows blisters on his face caused by herbicide sprayThe Colombian drug reform organization Mama Coca is asking people everywhere to sign their online petition to end US-sponsored Arial fumigation of drug crops in their country that has murdered children, deformed fetuses, poisoned and killed livestock, destroyed food crops, and ravaged the environment.
Although fumigation is marketed as a counter drug measure, it is also used to punish farmers thought to be in collusion with rebel groups, or to clear people from land rich with desirable resources. Even when the target is truly a coca farm, the toxic sprays sometimes drift for miles over schools and villages.

US drug haters employ private mercenaries for their fumigation campaign, who send in helicopters equipped with machine guns to kill anyone attempting to protect their farms from the sprays. Next comes the plane, delivering an annihilating payload of Monsanto’s glyphosate, mixed with chemicals designed to make it more effective, but which also increase its toxicity several times. Once pristine rain forests melt into a deadly waste incapable of supporting life. Survivors are forced to leave their ruined homes.

Understandably, there have been massive public protests for the many years the fumigation campaign aerial chemical fumigation has devastated Colombia. Now you can do something to help. Sign the petition to end the use of fumigation in Colombia’s drug war.A Colombian boy shows blisters on his face caused by herbicide spray

Petition against fumigation:

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