Water ozone generators

While surfing the web I came across ozone water purifiers for fish farming that clean and disinfect the water. One of the byproducts is extra oxygen in the water for the fish and aquatic plants.
Would an ozone water purifier help a hydroponics system stay clean, plus oxygenate the roots and stimulate growing, helping clones and seedlings to a better start? How about other stages of growing, such as vegetation and flowering?

Would it add extra oxygen in the water, and what other effects would it have?

Salisbury, Maryland

Ozone water purifiers generate ozone in the water. Ozone is the unstable molecule, O3. Usually gaseous oxygen is found in the more stable molecule, O2. The third oxygen atom is ready to jump from the molecule and combine with other material such as pathogens and algae, leaving the water pathogen-free and oxygen-rich.

The ozone may combine with some nutrients and cause a precipitate. Even so, the plants will be nourished and the extra oxygen will invigorate them.

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