Canadian pot featured in Forbes

Cannabis Culture publisher Marc Emery and the Canadian marijuana industry were the cover story in the November 15, 2003, issue of Forbes magazine, which is considered one of the world’s top business publications.
Forbes journalist Quentin Hardy said he was impressed by the hard-working, peaceful pot people he met while researching the industry.

“This is a neutral article about a major Canadian industry,” Hardy said. “Our mail is running five to one in favor of the industry, and I’ve been invited to talk pot on Bill O’Reilly’s show, National Public Radio, and Canadian broadcasting.”

Hardy reported on Emery’s career as a pioneering seed seller, and also wrote about Cannabis Culture advertiser and Pot-TV sponsor Advanced Nutrients.

“We hooked Quentin up with big growers, seed breeders and smugglers,” Emery commented. “He’s welcome back anytime to write about Canada’s homegrown success industry.”

Hardy has written about Emery before. In 1995, he wrote an article for the front page of the Wall Street Journal, about Emery’s seed business and philanthropy.

“One month after that article came out, I got raided by police,” said Emery. “Every time I am in major US media I have legal problems in Canada. Hopefully that won’t hold true this time.”

Since Emery first came to Vancouver and opened Hemp BC in 1993, he has received coverage in well over 1,000 newspaper articles, including major profiles in both of Canada’s national newspapers, Mexico’s largest newspaper, La Reforma, the San Jose Mercury News, the Sunday Times of England, the Asian Wall Street Journal, and even the National Enquirer.

Emery has also had numerous profiles and interviews in major magazines, including Rolling Stone, Time, MacLean’s, Equity, and Canadian Lawyer. Plus he has also appeared on countless radio and television programs, including features on CBC Newsworld, ABC News, CNN Radio News and CNN Impact, which first dubbed him as the “Prince of Pot.”

“Whenever I am in the media I put forth a clear denunciation of prohibition and the beneficial uses of marijuana and hemp,” said Emery. “I hope the global ganja culture has enjoyed the arguments I have put forth on our behalf.”

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