Medpot user busted despite constitutional exemption

Grant Krieger: uses pot to treat MS symptomsGrant Krieger: uses pot to treat MS symptomsGrant Krieger, who lives with MS, has been fighting for years for the courts to recognize his medical use of the plant. On January 6, 2004 he was busted again, this time in Manitoba. RCMP seized marijuana and cash during the highly questionable bust, and he was charged with possession for the purposes of trafficking.
The bust was questionable for a number of reasons. But he most poignant was Krieger’s major victory only days before. On December 23, 2003, the Supreme Court of Canada turned down a request by the prosecutor to hear an appeal of a year-2000 Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench ruling that said Krieger could grow and possess personal amounts. This means the year-2000 ruling stands.

Krieger’s win affirmed what many activists have attested since Canada wrote med-pot regulations: medical users shouldn’t have to apply to the government to grow and possess for personal use. Krieger himself has never applied, as he always contended that the process was a sham.

When police pulled Krieger over, he says, they asked him whether he had any pot. Krieger admitted to personal possession, which shouldn’t have been enough for them to search them, given his constitutional exemption. Stranger yet is the cops’ purported excuse for pulling him over in the first place: they claim Krieger’s registration sticker was obscured. According to Krieger, his stickers are plainly visible even in news footage of the bust. Regardless, one must wonder if it is routine for cops to initiate a drug investigation against anyone with a supposedly obscured registration sticker. An unlikely leap indeed.

Probably the most ridiculous part of the bust is what cops included as ‘contraband.’ According to Krieger, they took his Tim Horton’s coffee mug and a Tim Horton’s gift certificate. You can almost see them cavorting over free coffee and donuts and laughing villainously about how many sick people would be without their medicine the next day.

Krieger faces charges of possession for the purposes of trafficking. Police seized over 8,000 in cash and pot and he is sorely in need of donations for the mounting legal bills that are sure to follow his bust. Krieger helps run compassion clubs in several cities, while living on a measly disability pension. Contributions to his defense would be appreciated.Grant Krieger: uses pot to treat MS symptoms

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