God, dogs and rats

`Let me eat at the table or I`m calling the cops``Let me eat at the table or I`m calling the cops`Michael Stanley and Jenna Lee Fetters of Missoula, Montana didn’t expect to be turned in by their best friend ? their dog. But the Black Labrador obviously had an issue with being tied to the water faucet outside their home, setting off a dampening series of events: the pooch ripped the pipe apart, the broken pipe flooded the basement, and the property management company entered their home to turn off the emergency water valve, located deep in a closet, behind a forest of 6-foot high budding plants. Cops were called and the couple was charged with production.
Dog is just God spelled backwards, and both can land you in hot water. Jesus Santana, for instance, blamed the divine being for ratting him out after his possession arrest last May. Santana made the local paper with the statement “I guess God got y’all to get me.” He reportedly felt guilty because he had been rolling spliffs of biblical proportion using pages torn from the New Testament.

And if your God or dog won’t rat you out, you can always do it yourself. In May, school bus driver John Randolph of Dublin, Ireland told cops that he felt morally obliged to speak the truth when he reported that thieves had stolen four dime bags from his home. Randolph showed police the box where he kept his stash, and told them he saved it “to smoke when school was out.” Compassionate cops let Randolph off the hook with no charges.

In July, a Toronto teen called cops to report that she’d been mugged of her buds outside a public school. Because Canada’s drug laws are currently in dispute, she wasn’t charged and police claim to be actually pursuing the thieves.`Let me eat at the table or I`m calling the cops`