Cannabis medicine

I grow organic under HPS. My aunt was recently diagnosed with cancer and will be undergoing treatment. I want to grow a good cancer-fighting strain.
What strain(s) of cannabis should I grow for my aunt? How should she consume it? She might be against smoking anything! Is there a healthier way to smoke cannabis?

A Kind Relative,
Findlay, Ohio

Sativa strains contain THC but very little CBD, another cannabinoid. Sativa/Indica hybrids are also low in CBD. Indicas, the strong body-numbing types, contain a combination of CBD and THC.

Your aunt will probably experience both pain and nausea/lack of appetite in the course of her illness and as a result of the treatment used.

GW Pharmaceutical’s recent study of pain relief in multiple sclerosis patients using natural cannabinoids found that the combination of THC and CBD is the most effective. Another study found that a very small amount of an opiate potentiates the cannabinoids as painkillers.

Your aunt would probably have the best results using a pure Indica.

Rather than smoking, your aunt could use a tincture made by dissolving the cannabinoids in alcohol. Last issue Cannabis Culture ran an article on how to make tinctures. Using an eyedropper, the tincture is placed under the tongue and is quickly absorbed through the mucous membranes.

The cannabis can also be baked in food or processed and stuffed into capsules that are swallowed, but that may be difficult for your aunt to take if she is nauseous.

The most effective method of ingestion is using a vaporizer. There are many fine models available, but using such an inhalation method might be too much like smoking if your aunt has issues with marijuana.

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