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I’m planning to grow a crop of Blueberry cannabis. I will select the clone mother from 30 seeds that I purchased at a dear price. After that I plan to grow 65 clones aeroponically. Should I grow the plants, let them flower and then regenerate the plants, eventually choosing the best one, or should I make clones when the plants are still growing vegetatively?
Big G,
San Francisco, California

The best way to make the most of your purchase is careful labeling. Grow the 30 seeds. You will probably have 15 or more females.

Remove the unhealthy, small or malformed plants. After forcing, when the plants first indicate their sex, take a few clones from each female. Make sure to label everything, so that you can identify which clones go with which flowering plants.

In order to insure your investment, before you trash your males, select a few of the most robust. A few of the factors you might consider in selecting males are: their vigor, growth pattern, how fast they mature, and the quality of their smoke. In general, males are not as psychoactive as females, and there is some variation in males, just as there is in females. Though it may be a chore, smoking the male leaf around the male flowers is a good way to determine the most potent males to save. Move them into a separate space, and collect pollen.

Now you have your first round of females in flowering, a few clones from each growing vegetatively, and you’ve collected pollen from the males and then trashed them. Pollinate a single bud of each female plant with the pollen from each male. This will assure you a seed crop that is a fair duplication of the variety in case there is a crop failure.

When they are ready, harvest the seeds and label them. Also harvest the buds, label them, and start testing them for quality. Use the clones you’ve already taken for the next crop. Meanwhile, continue to evaluate the first harvest and choose the best plants. Now is when the labeling pays off. Separate the clones taken from your favorite plants. These will be kept in vegetative growth and become your mothers. Flower the remaining plants. They will be your next harvest.

Your new mothers will probably not be large enough to supply clones for the next garden, so take cuttings from the current plants in the garden before forcing flowering. By the fourth generation, the clone mothers will be big enough to supply your garden continuously.

Identify the seeds from your favorite plants and keep them as an emergency stock.

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