International Medical Marijuana Day gets official recognition in Victoria

This summer trafficking charges against a Cannabis Buyers’ Club employee were thrown out. The charges stemmed from a police raid last June, the fifth such police action against the club in the last few years. Police raided the club in June after following a member into the establishment and discovering the operation. Pot charges against a club member allegedly found in possession outside of the club were also recently dropped.
Although the club hasn’t been busted since February of this year (CC Online, Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club busted,) Cannabis Buyer’s Club founder Ted Smith still faces six pot trafficking charges, two from the first two raids on the club, and the rest from a combination of activist actions, including handing out free pot cookies on International Medical Marijuana Day and smoking up with students while giving “Hempology 101” lectures on pot history and culture at the University of Victoria. Some his charges have waited three years, for the outcome of the David Malmo Levine/Caine/Clay constitutional challenge to pot laws, a decision about which is expected from Canada’s Supreme Court any day.

International Medical Marijuana Day is Smith’s own creation, and the City of Victoria recently granted it official recognition. He urges cannabis activists in other cities to solicit similar resolutions from their city counsels.

“I’ve posted a piece on our internet web page, a prewritten letter that a person basically fills in with their name and the city that they will make the resolution in,” said Smith. “It’s an easy way to stimulate public debate. People could also simply fax this letter or send it to their city hall, and not make a public appearance. It will cause a stir even if politicians don’t want to support it.”

International Medical Marijuana Day is November 15, and Smith has plenty of events planned, making Victoria an interesting stop for cannaphiles this Fall. He’s organized an art auction to raise money for his and the club’s many court cases, a march from Provincial Ministry of Health on Blanchard St to city hall starting at 2:00 pm, and the premier launch of the club’s newsletter, “Cannabis Digest” all for the same day.

– For more on International Medical Marijuana Day resolutions and pictures of silent action art, check out Ted Smith’s website at: