Marc Emery and Advanced Nutrients in Forbes Magazine

The Canadian marijuana industry, Marc Emery, and Advanced Nutrients are featured in Forbes magazine’s November 1st edition.
The prestigious publication has a pot leaf on its cover and thorough coverage of the Canadian marijuana industry inside.

The article was written by Forbes journalist Quentin Hardy, who also wrote an article about Emery that was published on the front page of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in 1995. The WSJ article credited Emery with creating the entire retail marijuana seed industry, and lauded him for being a philanthropist.

In the Forbes article, Hardy reports Emery’s sales have increased from 100,000 sold per year to 350,000 sold per year since Emery founded his seed business in 1994, even though a flood of imitators have swept in to capitalize on what he started.

It’s doubtful that Hardy could have written his article without Emery’s assistance. Emery provided Hardy with insider access to all aspects of the pot world, from smuggling to massive commercial grow houses.

Hardy spent weeks interviewing Emery’s pot work connections, while photographers took pictures of buds, pot entrepreneurs, and grow rooms.

One of the companies Emery brought Hardy to see was Advanced Nutrients, a Vancouver-area marijuana nutrients company that is creating pioneering products that are revolutionizing the way marijuana is grown.

The company gets broad coverage in Hardy’s article, which notes that Advanced Nutrients’ high-quality products are increasingly available worldwide.

“When Marc brought Mr. Hardy to our manufacturing facility, we were thrilled,” said Mike Straumietis, an Advanced Nutrients co-founder. “If it hadn’t been for Marc, we would not be in Forbes.”

The Forbes article is another example of major media coverage Emery has received this year. The Summer of Legalization tour garnered much reporting. Emery’s Iboga Therapy House is going to be featured in a Rolling Stone article due out in the next month. Emery has been in more than a hundred newspaper and magazine articles this year, and has also been featured in dozens of electronic media interviews and reports about the cross-country legalization tour, the BC Marijuana Party, and other cannabis issues.

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