Dutch Justice Minister Attacks Pot Shops

Nol Van Schaik:  ready to stand up for the Dutch coffeeshop business.Nol Van Schaik: ready to stand up for the Dutch coffeeshop business.Dutchman Nol Van Schaik, the legendary potshop owner now on location in Spain, called Cannabis Culture today to tell us of a lunatic new proposal to be announced later this week by Dutch Justice Minister Jan Piet Hein Donner.
According to Van Schaik, Donner wants the government to prohibit Dutch coffeeshops from selling their products to “foreigners.”

Van Schaik says Donner’s proposal violates the Dutch constitution, the European Union’s human rights standards, and common sense.

“He cannot force the employees of coffeeshops to be like immigration officers, asking people for their passports because they don’t look Dutch,” Van Schaik said. “He cannot expect us to turn away someone who is a British student legally studying in Holland with a student visa. He cannot expect us to implement discrimination. What does he want us to do? Put up signs in our shops that say ‘Sorry, we cannot sell cannabis to Brits, Yanks, Irish, asylum seekers, Marocs, Swiss, Swedes, French.'”

Donner’s proposal is the latest in a series of anti-coffeeshop actions sponsored by the Christian Democrat Appeal (CDA), which is most powerful political party in the Dutch coalition government. Previous proposals from CDA include trying to close shops for violating indoor clean air regulations and floating a ban tha would prevent shops from selling products that contain more than 6% THC.

Van Schaik says he doesn’t yet know the details of Donner’s proposals, if the proposals will be approved by the government, or when they would be implemented if approved.

“Some tourist-oriented coffeeshops are going to worry about this,” Van Schaik says, “but my shops in Haarlem are going to have a person in the shop wearing a t-shirt that says ‘I buy weed for foreigners.’ Anybody who is a foreigner can just walk in, find the person wearing the t-shirt, tell them how much weed or hash they want, and then they will get it, easy. Look for the shirt!”

World citizens who want to protest the possibility that the Dutch government will try to prevent them from utilizing Dutch coffeeshops are being encouraged by Van Schaik to contact Minister Donner via email at [email protected]

“Tell him that they will not spend their tourist dollars in Holland if the coffeeshops are put out of business or made bad for visitors, and that they do not appreciate being made unwelcome in a country that is supposed to be a model of tolerance. I am making all world citizens who love cannabis this offer- if they write the Minister of Justice in Holland a good letter protesting this stupid discriminatory idea, and protesting all the other stupid CDA ideas against coffeeshops, then my coffeeshops in Holland will do something nice for them,” Van Schaik said. “They can contact us via my website and send a copy of their correspondence with Donner. It’s time for all of us to stand up for the Dutch coffeeshop system.”Nol Van Schaik: ready to stand up for the Dutch coffeeshop business.

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