Marc Emery Puts Pot Industry on the Business Map

Marc applauded again for his business sense and philanthropy.Marc applauded again for his business sense and philanthropy.In 1996, journalist Quentin Hardy put Marc Emery on the front page of the prestigious Wall Street Journal newspaper.
The article rightfully credited Emery with creating the entire retail marijuana seed industry, and lauded him for being a philanthropist.

Since then, and under Emery’s leadership and guidance, Canada’s pot culture has blossomed into a powerful political and cultural movement. Hardy never forgot Emery, and has kept in touch with him over the years.

These days, Hardy is even a more influential journalist than he was in 1995. He’s now a major contributor to Forbes magazine, which is consistently ranked as one of the best business magazines in the world.

Hardy also appears with Steve Forbes, former presidential candidate and heir to one of the world’s biggest fortunes, on the Fox Network’s “Forbes In Focus” television show.

A few months ago, Hardy asked Emery if it was time to do a major article about Canada’s thriving marijuana industry. Emery readily agreed, and promised to provide Hardy with insider access to all aspects of the pot world, from smuggling to massive commercial grow houses.

Hardy spent weeks interviewing pot people that Emery introduced him to. Photographers took pictures of buds, pot entrepreneurs, and grow rooms.

An expample of an Advanced Nutrients garden.An expample of an Advanced Nutrients garden.One of the companies Emery brought Hardy to see was Advanced Nutrients, a Vancouver-area marijuana nutrients company that creates pioneering plant products that are revolutionizing the way marijuana is grown.

“Marc called us up and told us he was bringing somebody from Forbes to tour our facility, and we were ecstatic,” exclaimed Mike Straumietis, one of three founders of Advanced Nutrients. “Mr. Hardy was very interested in how a Canadian company is taking on other companies, most of which are in the US and Europe. We showed him the unsurpassed quality we insist on when making our nutrients, and then went out for a photo session in a grow room run by a Health Canada licensed grower. If it hadn’t been for Marc, none of this would have happened.”

Emery and Straumietis report that Forbes‘ fact-checkers have been calling them a lot in the last two weeks, making sure that the massive marijuana article, which is slotted to be a cover story, is totally accurate.

“It’s going to be a business story, but a whole lot more,” Emery predicted. “I think it will be out on the newsstands within a month. Quentin has seen how the United States government has devastated Canada’s economic and jobs base, how marijuana is one of the last solid employment opportunities in Canada, and how the US regime is now trying to ruin that too. It’s going to be such an in-depth look at the power of marijuana economically and socially.”

The Forbes article is only one of many major media appearanes Marc Emery will be making this fall. His Iboga Therapy House is going to be featured in a Rolling Stone article due out within the next month. Emery has already been in over 100 newspaper and magazine articles this year, plus many TV and radio interviews and reports, mostly in relation to his cross-country legalization tour, the BC Marijuana Party, or simply to comment on current cannabis events.

Keep an eye on, which will eventually contain information on when the Canadian marijuana industry article is in print.

Write Forbes magazine at Tell them you are glad to see a major magazine with Forbes‘ reputation providing an in-depth look at one of the world’s most amazing growth industries.An expample of an Advanced Nutrients garden.