Fires and Plant Food

As the province of British Columbia turns into a desert due to global warming, outdoor and indoor cannabis growers in the Kelowna area five hours from Vancouver are counting their losses from weeks of devastating fires that are still burning and which have severely disrupted this year’s marijuana growing seasons.
On a recent trip to the BC interior, I saw ominous clouds of smoke 30 miles from Kelowna- smoke so thick that it looked like rainclouds and darkened the sky from horizon to horizon.

Indoor growers told of having to suddenly dismantle 40-light grow rooms in the middle of the night as fires crept close to town and evacuation orders rang out in the unnatural darkness. In many cases, the dismantling operations were unsuccessful, with plant growth cycles bonked by being exposed to lights and location changes. Other problems included equipment damage, security breaches, electricity outages, and rip-offs. And it wasn’t because people were inhaling the potent commercial marijuana produced by local growers that everybody was walking around coughing- it was because the air was filled with burning embers and ash.

Outdoor growers have also had it tough in BC this year. Much of BC used to be a rainforest, with reliable rainfaill year round. This year, there hasn’t been significant rain all summer, and outdoor growers have had to either carry water to their plants, or lose their crops due to withering drought and heat.

Growers who managed to get water to their crops saw them burned to the ground in July and August as fires swept through tinder-dry forests. Some growers harvested their pre-flowering or early-flowering plants as fires got close, hoping to at least salvage something for their planting efforts. The price of BC bud, usually retailing for about $500 an ounce in the US, is soaring as the supply shrinks. There are reports of BC bud selling for as much as $900 an ounce retail in the Midwest and East.

The only good news is that the long, dry, hot season of unusually sunny weather has been a benefit to growers who are not in the fire zone. They are seeing phenomenal growth rates and a lack of the late-season mold that usually plagues buds during normal-rain years.

All the growers I spoke to are putting Advanced Nutrients grow products on their crops to make them stronger, healthier and better-yielding.

“I recently started cropping with Advanced Nutrients,” a burly grower told me as he filled a 250 gallon nutrient reservoir and mixed in Advanced Nutrients Sensi Pro Two Plus formula. “I immediately saw my leaves perk up and the plants growing super-fast and dense.”

This grower, along with the others I spoke to who grow both indoors and out, said they are all Advanced Nutrients converts who like the specificity of Advanced Nutrients products that allow them to fight specific problems such as powdery mildew, water shortages, and plant immune system deficits.

“This has been a terrible year for BC due to the drought and the fires,” one grower told me, “but the Advanced Nutrients products, along with some clever growing tactics and quick moves, have allowed most of us to survive the losses, even if one of our grow shows burned to the ground. We will always find a way to grow the kind bud. We’ve been getting about two pounds per light with good clones, and a lot of that is due to Advanced Nutrients.”

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