Holland allows only fresh shrooms

Some examples of Psilocybe SemilanceataSome examples of Psilocybe SemilanceataIn November 2002, the Dutch Supreme Court upheld convictions in two cases of manufacturing and selling dried psychoactive mushrooms.
The grower and the owner of a shop that sold the mushrooms were convicted in 2000 for growing and selling dried mushrooms in various ways, including in prepared food. They were sentenced only to community service, but they appealed the case.

The Dutch Supreme Court upheld their convictions, ruling that fresh mushrooms are legal, but that they become an illegal product when they are dried, ground or otherwise processed. Fresh mushrooms are still sold openly in numerous Dutch shops.

“This Supreme Court decision clears up the dispute for manufactured hallucinogenic mushrooms,” said Leendert de Lange, a spokesman for The Netherlands Public Prosecutor’s office in The Hague. “Now it is clear for us how we can deal with this issue.”

“It is clear that dried mushrooms are forbidden,” continued de Lange. “We are pleased the court has affirmed the stance of the Public Prosecutor’s office. I do not want to comment on the status of fresh mushrooms at this time.”Some examples of Psilocybe Semilanceata