Marc Emery jailed in Moncton

Marc explains the legal situation in CanadaMarc explains the legal situation in CanadaOn July 21, Cannabis Culture publisher Marc Emery was arrested for the third time during his Summer of Legalization cross-country tour. Emery was detained by police shortly after lighting up a bong in front of the Moncton police headquarters at 4:20pm.
Emery was held for about four hours before being released on his own recognizance and $50 bail. “They said they were going to hold me overnight,” said Emery in an interview with Cannabis Culture shortly after his release. “But then they came back and told me I was being let go. They didn’t even attach any conditions to my release.”

Patrick Hardy, a New Brunswick resident with a legal exemption to use medicinal marijuana, also toked openly at the Moncton protest, and was detained along with Marc Emery. “I showed the cops [my exemption]right away,” wrote Hardy in a posting to the CC forums, “but they think I don’t have a right to take my medication in public. I told the officer he had no law to charge me with! Pissed off, they seized my bong until they ‘clarify things.'”

Despite the lack of laws, the police seize the bongDespite the lack of laws, the police seize the bongThis was the third arrest on Emery’s tour so far. In Winnipeg he was arrested and held in jail overnight. The Dauphin tour date was missed because Emery was just getting out of jail, but police made two possession busts there anyways. In Regina, Emery was charged with possession and held for a few hours before being released.

In Halifax on Saturday, the police ignored the event and Emery had a peaceful smoke-in. The next tour dates are Charlottetown, PEI, on July 23, and St John’s, Newfoundland, on July 26. RCMP in St John’s have told the media they are not sure if they’ll charge Emery during his smoke-in there, they have said they’re seeking clarification from Newfoundland’s Attorney General.Despite the lack of laws, the police seize the bong

Call the Moncton RCMP: 506-857-2400, or call 1-800-665-6663

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July 9: Winnipeg, Manitoba
July 10: Dauphin, Manitoba
July 12: Regina, Saskatchewan
July 19: Halifax, Nova Scotia
July 21: Moncton, New Brunswick

July 23: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
July 26: St. John’s, Newfoundland
August 9: Calgary, Alberta
August 10: Edmonton, Alberta
August 11: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
August 12: Prince George, BC
August 25: Kingston, Ontario
August 26: London, Ontario
August 27: Hamilton, Ontario
August 28: Sudbury, Ontario
August 30: Windsor, Ontario


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  1. Fragstein on

    Cases like this make me more sad than angry, Police should LEAVE authorised medicinal users >ALONE< at all times, it's bad enough someone with blatant Multiple Sclerosis would have to fight tooth and nail just to get authorisation to use Cannabis, which is unparalelled by any "safe" "effective" pharmaceutical medicines, those of us who don't actually need pot to live, well we can stay out of harms way by just not using it, but continue pushing activism onto the goverment, and encouraging others to join the good fight. Legalisation isn't going to happen anytime soon, I live in Australia, i sympathise with you Canadians greatly idiots in Australia's parliament signed international UN treaties which essentially took away our countries right to make out own laws, those same laws are whats keeping Canada from having already Regulating taxing and focusing surplus sources on shutting down real black market drug dealers. We should focus on Medicinal Cannabis laws, because without them people with Cancer,aids,MS,CP,high blood pressure,vasoconstriction,depression,insomnia are the ones who are going to suffer the most from goverment refusal to acknowledge it's full medical proven potentials.