Marc Emery’s “Summer of Legalization” Tour 2003

Marc and `Canucks Bong` just before Winnipeg bustMarc and `Canucks Bong` just before Winnipeg bustPot-activist Marc Emery invites Canadians everywhere to join him during his 2003 Summer of Legalization Tour.
“Because of recent court decisions, cannabis is legal everywhere in Canada,” says Emery, who is publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine, President of the BC Marijuana Party and owner of Marc Emery Direct Marijuana Seeds. “Canadians need to smoke marijuana openly in front of police to demonstrate and secure their freedoms.

“The marijuana possession laws were deemed invalid in Ontario Courts, but the law struck down is one that affects all Canadians. It is my belief that since a Court of Appeal has struck down the cannabis possession law, and that at the time of the verdict of the Court of Appeal in July 2000 the government did not appeal the decision, but agreed to abide by the ruling, then in fact cannabis possession is not an offense known to law anywhere in Canada.”

“I am hoping I can find supporters across Canada to hold a smoke-out in front of the local police headquarters. Of course, in many cases, we risk getting charged, but we will shed a lot of light and create some momentum in each community. So who’s with me and who wants to help get me to hold a demonstration in your area?”

Marc Emery will be in these cities on the following dates:

July 9: Winnipeg, Manitoba
July 10: Dauphin, Manitoba
July 12: Regina, Saskatchewan
July 19: Halifax, Nova Scotia
July 21: Moncton, New Brunswick
July 23: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
July 26: St. John’s, Newfoundland

August 9: Calgary, Alberta
August 10: Edmonton, Alberta
August 14: Prince George, BC
August 25: Kingston, Ontario
August 26: London, Ontario
August 27: Hamilton, Ontario
August 28: Sudbury, Ontario
August 29: Windsor, Ontario
August 30: Toronto, Ontario (Cannabian Day Rally)

September 19: Vancouver, BC
September 25: Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, Ontario


July 7: Cross-Canada police headquarters smoke-out!, Marc Emery announces dates for protests in 16 cities.
July 9: Marc Emery arrested in Winnipeg, Cops bust ‘Prince of Pot’ for possession during smoke-in.
July 11: Marc Emery released from Winnipeg jail, Cross-Canada “Summer of Legalization Tour” continues.
July 13: Marc Emery imprisoned in Regina, Pot activist jailed for second time during his cross-country tour.
July 17: Summer Freedom Tour comes to the Maritimes, Marc Emery will be smoking up Canada’s East Coast from July 19-26.
July 20: Legalization tour hits Nova Scotia, Marc Emery smokes out Halifax, and the police stay away.
July 21: Marc Emery jailed in Moncton, It’s the third bust in four stops, but the Summer of Legalization Tour continues!
July 23: Marc Emery escapes arrest in Charlottetown, Police drive by repeatedly but do nothing.
July 27: Newfoundland has biggest rally, shortest bust, Marc Emery held for only 10 minutes, police unsure whether to lay charges.
Aug 3: New dates for Summer of Legalization tour, Marc Emery announces new August schedule for his cross-Canada smoke-in.
Aug 12: Emery’s Legalization Tour hits Alberta. Two more busts on the long road to freedom.
Aug 15: Pot prince puffs in Prince George, Police stay away as a crowd of 100 tokes up outside their station.
Aug 26: Cop shop smoke out tour’s final leg looks juicy, Emery establishing pot precidents in Ontario cities.
Sept 3: Emery finishes Summer of Legalization tour, Cops concede legalization in Ontario cities.
Sept 16: Vancouver Smoke Out announced, Police say they will enforce possession laws despite court ruling that they don’t exist.
Sept 20: Vancouver smoke-out successful, Police in denial but powerless to arrest pot supporters.
Sept 24: Parliament Hill smoke out in Ottawa, Emery encourages huge turnout for Thursday protest.
Sept 26: Emery smokes out the Canadian parliament, No arrests as crowd of 400-500 people share massive joint.
Oct 19: Summer’s not over for Prince of Pot, Summer of Legalization turns into Winter of Discontent
Nov 12: Marc Emery tours Canada’s courts on pot charges, First speaking engagement Nov 17 in St John’s, Newfoundland
Jan 12: Emery prepares for North American elections, Released on all charges from summer smoke out


June 11: Marc Emery announces his Toronto smoke-in on Pot-TV
June 24: Marc Emery announces his cross-country protest plans on Pot-TV
July 9: Pot-TV phone interview with Marc after being released from Winnipeg jail
July 10: Video footage of Marc’s entire speech and arrest in Winnipeg
July 10: TV news coverage of Marc’s arrest in Winnipeg
July 12: Marc Emery jailed in Regina
July 14: Regina and Winnipeg Rallies and Arrests!
July 21: Marc Emery Arrested in Moncton.
July 19: Tour Halifax update
July 21: Manitoba hemp hero John Woods talks from prison
July 22: On The Road To Legalization: East-Coast Update
Aug 5: John Woods prison update
Aug 9: Marc Emery Arrested in Calgary!
Aug 13: Alberta Busts
Aug 13: Edmonton Media Footage
Aug 13: Alberta Media Footage
Aug 13: Calgary Media Footage
Aug 16: Prince George Smoke-In
Aug 27: The Summer of Legalization Smoke-Out Tour: Kingston, Ontario
Aug 29: The Summer of Legalization Smoke-Out Tour: Sudbury and London
Aug 29: The Summer of Legalization Smoke-Out Tour: Hamilton
Sept 3: The Summer of Legalization Smoke-Out Tour: London Revisited
Sept 4: The Summer of Legalization Smoke-Out Tour: Windsor, Ontario
Sept 13: Prince of Pot: Legal Marijuana in BC!
Sept 17: Marc Emery to Smoke-Out The VPD
Sept 19: Marc Emery Smokes Out The Vancouver Police Headquarters!
Sept 19: Coverage of the VPD Smoke-Out
Sept 20: Marc Emery Is Going To Smoke Out Parliament Hill
Sept 25: The Prince of Pot Puffs Down Parliament Hill
Sept 29: Parliament Hill Smoke-Out Coverage


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Selected mainstream media reports on the Marc Emery’s “Summer of Legalization” tour:


June 20: Marijuana Users Light Up Outside Toronto Police HQ (London Free Press)


July 9: Cop-Shop Pot Party Planned (Winnipeg Sun)
July 10: Marijuana Activist Banned From Lighting Up (Winnipeg Sun)
July 10: Dauphin next stop for crusader (Winnipeg Free Press)
July 10: Pot Prince Popped (Winnipeg Sun)
July 11: Smokin’ mad (letter to the editor) (Winnipeg Sun)
July 11: Smokin’ mad II (letter to the editor) (Winnipeg Sun)


July 11: 2 Dauphin men charged with pot possession (Winnipeg Free Press)
July 15: Legalization Tour Continues In Dauphin (Dauphin Herald)


July 14: Cannabis Crusader Arrested In Regina (Regina Leader-Post)
July 17: Reefer Madness (Letter to the editor) (Winnipeg Sun)
Aug 13: Cannabis Crusader Enters Plea (Regina Leader-Post)


July 20: The Halifax Police Station Goes to Pot (Halifax Herald)


July 22: Police Arrest Marijauna Activist (Times and Transcript) (Moncton)
July 22: B.C. Activist Arrested for Firing Up Bong (Globe and Mail)
July 22: Activist Emery on Pot Crusade (London Free Press)
July 22: Pot activist arrested at rally (CBC New Brunswick)


July 24: Pro-marijuana activist fails to get rise out of city cops (The Guardian)
July 25: Charlottetown Police Still Treat Pot As Illegal (The Guardian)


July 28: Toker Busted Again (Ottawa Sun)
July 28: Pot Supporter Busted Again (Edmonton Sun)
July 31: BC Activist Arrested In Front Of RNC Headquarters (The Muse)
July 18: A Smoke Of A Different Kind (The Telegram)


July 22: Cops Dismiss Pot Provocateur (Edmonton Sun)
Aug 10: Pot Activist Tests Police On Drug Law (Calgary Sun)
Aug 10: Pot Activist Has Cops Smokin’ (Edmonton Sun)
Aug 11: Bong – He’s Busted (Edmonton Sun)
Aug 12: Pot Party Chief Faces Charges (Vancouver Sun)
Aug 11: Police want pot crusader barred from stations (Edmonton Journal)
Aug 19: Busted Pot Crusader Still Says He’s Right (Edmonton Sun)


Aug 15: Plenty Of Pot, No Cops (Prince George Citizen)
Aug 17: RCMP Ignore Pot-Smoking Stunt (Prince George Free Press)
Aug 17: Justice System Under Siege (Prince George Free Press)
Aug 21: Pot Party Leader Says Emery Next Thoreau (Prince George Free Press)
Aug 21: American Reader Calls Prince Of Pot Emery The Next Rosa Parks (Prince George Free Press)


Aug 21: All toke and pro action (The View)
Aug 25: Pot advocate to light up at police station today (Kingston-Whig Standard)
Aug 26: Prince of pot plans protest (London free Press)
Aug 26: Pot smokers get off scot free (Kingston-Whig Standard)
Aug 27: Emery pushes pot-stirring habit (London Free Press)
Aug 28: Pot smoking activist attracts 100 to rally at police headquarters (Hamilton Spectator)
Aug 29: Pot Activists Light Up In Sudbury (Sudbury Star)
Aug 29: One Toke For Mankind, One Leap For Pot Smokers (Northern Life)


May 22: Windsor Leads Way On Legal Pot (Detroit Free Press)
June 7: Pot chaos spreading (Toronto Sun)
June 8: Ontario Backs Off Pot Arrests (Buffalo News)
June 13: OPP Await Outcome Of Pot Appeal (The Barrie Advance)
June 19: Smoked Out (Hour Magazine)
June 25: Pot Possession Not Illegal in City – for Now (Cornwall Standard Freeholder)
July 5: Mixed signals given by judges in Saskatchewan (Regina Leader-Post)
Sept 16: B.C.’s marijuana law doesn’t exist, judge rules (Vancouver Sun)
Sept 19: BC Govt. Appealing Pot Ruling (Edmonton Sun)
Sept 23: Marc Emery interview with Cultural Baggage radio show
Sept 24: B.C.’s Really Going To Pot (Arrow Lakes News)
Sept 25: Another Baby Step Toward Decriminalizing Pot (Sept 25)

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Pot-activist Marc Emery invites Canadians everywhere to join him during his 2003 Summer of Legalization Tour.