Cannadventure on the high seas

Every year the adventuresome cannabis lover is faced with an every growing number of creative, dreamy destinations for travel, vacation and excitement. Fantastic meals, stunning locales and exotic bud have become regular features of events tailored specifically to tickle the delight of the cannadventurer. So a tour company that offers extra attention to detail makes travel especially enticing.
A company called My Dutch Connection, for example, has created a seven-day tour package that gives a whole new meaning to the word “seaweed.” The tour begins on board a restored 19th Century Clipper ship complete with crew. Attractions include getting high, sailing the ancient ports of Holland, swimming, walking historic sites, eating meals prepared by the ship’s private chef, drinking as much wine and beer as you want, and generally having the time of your life.

Education and entertainment are available on board, including a live band on the third day of the cruise. Among other cannabis-related attractions, tour organizers promise to teach how to distinguish “between 65 different product qualities and their effects” and show willing landlubbers how to sail with their heads already flying in the wind.

Everything’s included except the pot, but don’t worry ? they’ve thought of that too. At port, a guide is available to bring you on land for excursions to hunt, capture and smoke the phattest buds from Amsterdam’s coffee shops. Tour organizers even give you a cell phone in case you get too stoned to recognize your guide and can’t find your way back.

The final days of the tour are spent at Holland’s Lowlands festival, where you’re provided with free tickets, a two person tent, a new sleeping bag and luxury campsites. The festival is famed for its garden-of-eden surroundings, diverse marketplaces, fringe theater and film, alternative bands, standup comedy ? a total of 240 different acts and performers.

When the munchies descend, tantalizing food from around the world is available everywhere, making the Lowlands festival the frosting on the bud of an unbeatable week of sunsets at sea, new friends and mind-blowing places to smoke up.

– The tour package begins in Holland on August 25 and lasts seven days. Travel to and from the airport, the ship and the Lowlands Festival are included.
– For more information, including prices, see the My Dutch Connection website:
– For a trip itinerary and more detailed description of the adventure, visit this page.