UK activist attempts to take her life

Last Thursday, UK pot activist Biz Ivol attempted to take her life with an overdose of paracetamol.
Ivol lives with Multiple Sclerosis and has seen a deterioration in her condition since she was raided by police in 2001. Ivol has repeatedly won nationwide UK coverage for mailing pot chocolates to fellow MS sufferers around the world, sending medpot information packages to parliament, and protesting the lack of compassionate laws in her country.

Earlier this year, the intolerable pain of Ivol’s deteriorating condition led her to decide that she would euthanize herself after her court case was over. She hoped her court case would change the law, and saw it as her life’s work. Ivol was “bitterly disappointed” that her case was dropped by local prosecutors who likely felt it was better to make an exception in her case than set a precedent.

“It was not how I wanted it to end.” she told the UK Herald. “I wanted to change the law. I wanted to go all the way to the House of Lords and the European Court of Human Rights.”

Ivol also believes in people’s right to end their own lives when they are terminally ill and in pain.

“I wasn’t feeling guilty or upset, just happy that things were coming to an end and that I was in no pain,” she said. “I’m really cross with myself and I feel like having a good cry. I don’t want to live any more. This disease has taken over my body and life is just too painful for me to carry on. I’m going to commit suicide properly next time. Waking up in hospital and finding that I made a mess of it was like a nightmare for me.”

Ivol’s commitment to changing the law despite her agony reveals her bravery, commitment and selflessness. Her attempt on her own life reveals her sincerity.

In an interview with Cannabis Culture, she said that she wished the UK would “hurry up and legalize euthanasia as well.”

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