Canada’s drug war over or just beginning?

Canada’s drug enforcement is in chaos, police in some provinces have stopped enforcing possession laws altogether, and in some places – for the first time since the 1920’s – joints can be smoked openly in backyards, on patios, and even on sidewalks.
Many are openly celebrating, including Marc Emery, who plans a protest on the sidewalk in front of the Toronto Police Station at 40 College Street West, this coming Thursday, June 19 at 4:20 pm, where he will openly smoke marijuana.

The reason behind the festivities is the Ontario Supreme Court ruling that Canada’s drug laws are invalid, a decision that followed much wrangling between defense attorneys and prosecutors in many provinces where courts had also tossed the possession law, including PEI and Nova Scotia.

Since the Ontario Supreme Court ruling, Canada’s Justice Department is practically wringing its hands, trying to find new ways to keep a steady flow of pot busts flowing through the courts. On June 10, it asked the courts to delay its pot-favourable ruling until an appeal could be heard. The courts denied the request.

Meanwhile, a new anti-drug bill is working its way through parliament, cleverly disguised as “decriminalization” – but in reality a bill that will mean more busts, harsher enforcement, and longer jail sentences.

In the end, the destiny of Canada’s marijuana laws is a joint process between the courts and the government, each pulling in a different direction. The courts’ decisions reveal that judges are tired of Canada’s unconstitutional and unjust pot laws, and the government – jumping to the strings of US government puppeteers – are scrambling to maintain the drug war at any cost.

Legendary Canadian pot lawyer John Conroy has agreed to help unveil the mystery of how the Canadian government will use “decrim” to escalate the war on pot, by comparing Canada’s current drug law, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, to the proposed decriminalization bill. Stay tuned to the Cannabis Culture website for this story.