Marc Emery stands up to pot-snatching cops

Marc Emery: ready to stand up to Toronto policeMarc Emery: ready to stand up to Toronto policeMarc Emery, publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine, invites Ontario residents to join him in protest on the sidewalk in front of the Toronto Police Department at 40 College Street West, where he will defiantly smoke joints next Thursday, June 19 at 4:20 pm.
“We want the people of Ontario to know that they can smoke pot anywhere, even in front of police should they want to,” said Emery.

He points to inconsistencies between the decisions of the courts (CC online, Marijuana legal in Ontario) and the actions of cops still high on enforcement. On May 16, the Ontario Supreme Court ruled that the province’s laws against pot possession were invalid, and on June 2 an Ontario provincial court dismissed 90 cases of marijuana possession charges in the space of 22 minutes.

“Now, Toronto police say that they won’t charge anyone for pot, but they will still take it away from you,” said Emery. “How can they take it away if there are no laws against possessing it? I’m certainly not going to give them my pot. They’ll have to take it by force, but they can’t do that without arresting or charging someone, and there is no law to arrest or charge anyone with.”Marc Emery: ready to stand up to Toronto police