California’s secret harvest fest

Somewhere amongst the rolling hills of California’s wine country, there was a November harvest celebration that blew away any other pot-party I’ve been to, which is many. Set in a giant, million-dollar mansion overlooking a beautiful, lush vineyard, the event was fully catered with non-stop decadent food, and an endless selection of cannabis varieties to choose from.
Upon entering the house, I was led to a giant table piled high with magnificent colas of 50 strains of delicious marijuana. After a gruelling five-hour photography session with the samples, I finally began rolling fatties. Well, maybe a couple were rolled during the photo session.

This event was very exclusive, and even having written The Cannabible, it was a challenge to get invited. Most of the 50 invitation-only guests had paid $450 to attend.

The only thing more impressive than the quality and quantity of strains at this party was the amount of cannabis information available. Most of the people in attendance were breeders, and I was very impressed with the strains they were working with. I could turn my head to any person there and ask a question about any aspect of marijuana ? from strains to growing methods to different highs ? and they would have the right answer every time.

The organizer of the event is the creator of Blue Widow, a lovely cross of Blueberry and a ’98 Aloha White Widow. The taste of this herb closely resembles that of blue cotton candy, and it literally made my mouth water. I liked it more than any other Widow cross that I’ve tried. The fact that it was grown outdoors (mostly) organically in California definitely helped. This wasn’t a contest, so any judging of strains was informal.

I was surprised and slightly disappointed to learn that many Northern California outdoor growers are not growing completely organically, due to the critters that go after the completely organic plants.

This, and the fact that most organic fertilizers are much heavier than chemical fertilizers, and due to the sheer size of some of the gardens, going all organic would be too much work.

(I strongly believe that going organic is worth the extra work, and had many a debate with some of the growers!)

This three-day affair went off without a hitch, and I am proud to say that I sampled every variety there! Luckily, the head vripper from Vriptech Technologies was in attendance. He had thoughtfully set up a vaporizer table, so that greatly eased the strain on our lungs and throats.

After three days of cannabis and food gluttony, sadly it was time to leave that ganja dream-world and move on to the next one. I already find myself looking forward to next year’s special harvest celebration!

? Jason King is the author of The Cannabible. Volume 2 will be released by Christmas 2003. email [email protected]; web