Highlife Hempfair

We take pleasure in informing you that the Highlife Hempfair is to take place on April 25-27, 2003. On each of these days the Fair will be open to all.
Entrepreneurs wanting to draw attention to their products, by means of a hospitality stand at the sixth Highlife Hennepbeurs, can obtain further information direct from Discover Publisher BV, or fill in and return the registration form on the event webpage below.

The Highlife Cup will also be presented during Highlife Hennepbeurs 2003. What is new about this is that the cup will now be awarded on an international basis. You will receive further information about this in due course.

In addition, the three-day Fair will be graced with appearances by national and international artistes. We will also let you know about these at a later stage.

For more info visit www.highlife.nl/beurs/index.html.