Mind States IV

MIND STATES IV: Continuing Perspectives on Altered Consciousness will be held May 23-25, 2003 at the International House, Berkeley, CA.
The Spring of 2003 celebrates the 60th anniversary of the discovery of LSD’s psychoactive effects, and we will have a panel of experts discussing the past, present, and future of this world-changing molecule.

We’ll be showcasing *Hofmann’s Potion*, a recent documentary film that explores the early days of LSD research. Other panels will be held on the topic of “visionary art,” and on the topic of “control culture.”

Individual presentations will focus on ayahuasca shamanism, memetics, “the contents of consciousness,” the folk art of “blotter acid,” the neurology of aesthetics, mind technology, virtual reality, cyber-punk literature, an “Ask the Shulgins” Q&A session, a theatrical depiction of Confessions of a Dope Dealer, excerpts from True Hallucinations (an opera based on the life of Terence McKenna), and more.

There will be live and DJed music, two art galleries, a chill space, and a myriad of vendors, as well as a real-time “E-Bay” (that’s Entheogen-Bay) auction.

Presenters include: Pablo Amaringo, Anton Barbeau, Susan Blackmore, Richard Glen Boire, Erik Davis, Earth Erowid, Fire Erowid, John Gilmore, Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, Stanislav Grof, Lorenzo Hagerty, Mark Henson, Martina Hoffmann, Mark McCloud, Ralph Metzner, Naaskow, David E. Nichols, Sheldon Norberg, Mark Pesce, Stevee Postman, V.S. Ramachandran (tentative), Nicholas Sand, Wrye Sententia, Zoe Seven, Alexander T. Shulgin, Ann Shulgin, R.U. Sirius, Owsley Stanley, Myron Stolaroff, and Robert Venosa.