Petition to end the UN’s drug war

For thirty years, political leaders have refused to reform drug laws despite mounting public pressure, pointing to the UN convention against drugs, which has been signed by Canada, Britain, Germany, Italy, France, the US, and a host of countries throughout the world.
By signing the convention, our countries have promised to continue persecuting millions of people for possessing, cultivating or distributing euphoric plants.

Finally there’s something you can do about it. A group of committed European Union (EU) parliamentarians have drafted a petition asking the UN to reform its anti-drug convention. As of this writing, the petition has been signed by 210 legislators from over 20 countries and by thousands of private citizens.

The petition was drafted by the EU’s Parliamentarians for Antiprohibitionist Action, a group spearheaded by the Italy-based Transnational Radical Party’s Marco Cappato, an elected member of the European Union’s parliament.

– Sign the petition at:
– See the next issue of Cannabis Culture for more on the Transnational Radical Party and their latest efforts to end the worldwide drug war.