Reverend Ethier released on bail

Reverend Michael `Tarzan` EthierReverend Michael `Tarzan` EthierOn February 20, 2003 Reverend Mike (Tarzan) Ethier was arrested for allegedly selling cannabis to a church member in Ontario. Reverend Ethier is clergy for the Church of the Universe, which holds that marijuana is the Tree of Life.
Much like Jewish Rabbis, Church of the Universe reverends are required to wear religious head gear before the courts. When Ethier was deprived of his holy hat during court appearances from February 25 to 28, he resorted to a tactic made famous by Church of the Universe leader Michael Baldasaro – he wore his underwear on his head. Eventually, he managed to smuggle his holy hat into jail.

Reverend Ethier was held without bail until March 20, when he was released on a bail of two-thousand dollars. Reverend Ethier’s next court date is April 3.

The next issue of Cannabis Culture will include a complete update of churches and individuals involved in court battles to ensure their unopposed access to sacramental cannabis.Reverend Michael `Tarzan` Ethier

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