Alternative drug summit and demonstration in Vienna

Programme for the alternative drug summit in Vienna, from 10 to 13 April
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10 April – 18:00 hs.
– Wellcome in the room Audimax
Place Audimax, TU Wien (1060 Viena, Getreidemarkt 9)

Enrico Fletzer (journalist, MDMA), Farid Ghehioueche and Joep Oomen (ICN, Encod), Peter M. (UNO), Tilmann Holzer (Verein f?r Drogenpolitik), more activists…

11 April
– Workshops in the University of Vienna

From 10:00 to 18:00 hs.
Place: Campus, UNI Viena (Altes AKH, 1090 Viena, Spitalgasse 2)

– Themes of the workshops:

* Drug dealing as a profession
The drug industry is an important part of world economy. But the workers in this industry are criminalised.

* Key Witnesses, agents provocateurs
The increasing use of programmes involving key anonymous witnesses, agents provocateurs etc. have to be considered in relation with the destruction of civil society. As Foucault said: “Punishment has to have the strongest effect among those who did not do any crime.”

* Drugs and racism
An analysis of the operation ‘Spring’ , carried out by Austrian police. The media reports on this operation has led to the stigmatisation of Africans as being all drug dealers;

* History of Prohibition
* War on drugs of USA, Drugs and War * Global repression strategies
* Junkies & Repression
* Sex & Drugs & Rock `n` Roll
* Rituals and Drogen
* Enlightenment and Mind-alteration
* Left wing drug policy
* Health aspects of drug use
* Drug use among animals
* Repression in Austria/Switzerland

18.00 hs: Public debate

Legalization or decriminalization
Place: Public Auditory A, Campus, University of Viena

12 April: Workshops and demonstration
From 10:00 to 14:00 hs. Workshops
Place: Campus, UNI Vienna

15:00 hs. International Antiprohibitionist Demonstration
Place: Unirampe / Schottentor

Demonstration from the Vienna University to the UN Centre in Vienna (about 3 hours walk, over the Danube bridge where thousands of balloons with seeds will be launched), with sound systems, street theatre, products exposition, leaflets on cannabis paper, quick test on xtc, drugs folklore items. The character will be absolutely non-violent.

13 April, 12.00 hs
Open programme / Plenary debate / ENCOD Meeting
Place: Cafe and Culture Centre 7*STERN (1070 Wien, Siebensterngasse 31)

There will be concerts, fims, expositions and parties in different places around Vienna, to reach a broader public than the one who will be attending the events at the University.

More information on Do not hesitate to distribute this information to activists

15 to 17 April

During the days of the UN Ministerial Summit, ICN-ENCOD member organisations will participate actively in the Vienna Civic Centre, an information space for journalists and delegates attending the official meetings. All people are wellcome, but it is best to announce your arrival so we can pass your names to the hosters of this Centre. This place will also serve as a media center.