Former Bush state is 420 friendly

Even though the state of Texas is known for harsh pot laws and police, in the sunny environs of San Antonio, located only 200 miles from the Mexican border, lots of people enjoy the kind herb.
Music industry insider “Nightrocker” a Hispanic-American San Antonio native, is producing the city’s first-ever 420 event on April 20th.

“We have a different kind of herb scene that combines the chronic with a very happening energy that is cross-cultural and real fun,” explained Nightrocker as he unwound for helping produce a Willie Nelson concert in Austin, the state’s capital.

On 4-20-03, Nightrocker is brining some cannabis-friendly regional bands to a club in San Antonio. When I accompanied him during an advertising visit to a well-attended muscle car show in San Antonio, he told me that this first-ever event was a test to see how safe and easy it would be to put on ganja events in his city.

“There’s lots of herb here – fantastic indo and also from the border – and there’s a lot of people who enjoy life with herb without necessarily being political about it,” he said.

The event features a variety of acts and a classy, secure venue. If you know anybody in Texas, or if you might be in San Antonio on 4-20 weekend, visit and check out the event website.

San Antonio is a fun city, and the chronic I smoked there was as strong as a bucking Texas steer.