New website address for Marc Emery Seeds

Marc campaigning for the BC Marijuana PartyMarc campaigning for the BC Marijuana PartyBecause the US government has begun seizing the websites of pipe and bong sellers, I have decided to take pre-emptive action to reduce the possibility of my website someday also being taken hostage by the DEA.
With this in mind, I have recently registered the new url, and encourage you to change your bookmarks so that you always go to this new site.

The .com, .net and .org root nameservers are based in the USA, and so the domain name is potentially within the grasp of US authorities. But because .ca is registered within Canada, we hope that this gives this domain name some additional protection from any potential action by the DEA.

I have also purchased .ca domain names for Cannabis Culture ( and Pot-TV (

While my regular .com domain names will all continue to work as normal, I am now going to now promote the new .ca domain in my advertising and online links.

I encourage you to update your bookmarks to the new website.

Thanks for your attention.

Together, we will overgrow the government!

Marc EmeryMarc campaigning for the BC Marijuana Party