Female Flowers’ Power

If you are a visually-oriented pot-smoker who is also a heterosexual or bisexual male, a bisexual female, or just somebody who likes to see radical hedonistic photography, there’s a new website that will probably warm your winter.
Rob Smith, a long-time cannabis activist and entrepreneur, has debuted www.420girls.com, a fee site that features erotic pictures of beautiful women smoking cannabis.

Hundreds of hot photos of ganja girls are on the site, with features women showing off their bodies while toking on bongs, using cannabis buds as auto-stimulators, and discussing their use of marijuana. The site also features sizzling videos.

Some of the site’s photos resemble Cannabis Culture “bud babe” photos that used to appear on our website. Other photos are similar to “Playboy centerfolds with pot,” with women unashamedly revealing their most intimate and sacred physical attributes while getting high.

And while some people may feel that the photos are “sexist” and that they “objectify” women, most people who enjoy female-centered erotica will find the site to be entertaining if not outright stimulating!

Look for a future behind-the-scenes report from Cannabis Culture about this hot, controversial site.

For further information, visit www.420girls.com or contact Rob via email at [email protected]