Rabbit manure

Would well composted rabbit manure be a suitable medium for outdoor gardening? I use it almost exclusively for general gardening and it works very well.

Composted rabbit manure is a good fertilizer to use during the vegetative stage of growth. As you can see from the chart below, it contains large amounts of nitrogen (N) as compared with phosphorous (P) or potassium (K). Nitrogen promotes vegetative growth.

The manure should be mixed with soil at a rate of no more than 20%. The manure adds not only nutrients, but also organic matter that promotes microbial growth. These microbes help the plant absorb nutrients, keep them soluble and buffer them. They also help protect the roots from infections.

During flowering the plant uses more phosphorous for bud growth. To increase bud size the garden should be supplemented with a high phosphorous fertilizer as plant growth changes from vegetative growth to flowering.

There are several high-phosphorous organic fertilizers you can use. Rock phosphate consists of powdered ground rock. It is not very soluble and is added to the soil mix before planting. It dissolves gradually over the growing season. High phosphorous bat or seabird guano is highly soluble. It can be added to the mix before planting or mixed into the water as flowering begins. Bone meal is another organic source of P, but it is not recommended for food crops since mad cow disease has become a problem.

Superphosphate and other concentrated phosphorous fertilizers are made using rock phosphate and treating it with acids to concentrate it and make it water-soluble. It is not considered an organic fertilizer.

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  9. Anonymous on

    Have to disagree with grow meister Ed here, maybe he hasn’t tried it yet, we use 80% in a 6 ft hole and grow 25 ft ones every season. plus oak leaf mulch blood meal and bone meal
    and at bud time add guano from fruit bats.
    try it you’ll like it.. you can grow from seed without a burn in pure rabbit poop.