Victoria med-pot protest

Supporters of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers’ Club will protest a recent police raid against the club; the protest begins Friday, February 28, 2003 at high noon in front of the downtown Victoria office of Liberal MP David Anderson, on Blanchard St near the public library.
On January 31, 2003, Victoria, BC Mayor Alan Lowe launched his “downtown action plan”, to “take back [the]streets and restore community pride,” but since that time it looks more like an excuse to bust compassionate providers of medical marijuana, like the Victoria Cannabis Buyers’ Club, which was raided by the city’s new 20-member anti-drug squad on February 19, 2003 (See Victoria Cannabis Buyers’ Club Busted).

Mayor Lowe touted the action plan as a new approach to the problem of hard drugs in the community, and said the plan included more shelters, outreach centres, detox centres, improvements to the hospitals psychiatric ward, and a possible safe-injection sites.

He also promised an increased police presence, but apparently the police got a different message than the public.

“We are prepared to make it very unpleasant for a drug trafficker in this city,” Chief of Police Paul Battershill told the Victoria Times Columnist shortly after the action plan was released.

According to sources in Victoria, heroin and cocaine dealers have been rounded up en masse. Victoria Cannabis Buyers’ Club founder Ted Smith believes that med-pot clubs are now in grave danger.

“I was told point blank that we are now their number one target,” Smith said in a recent interview with Cannabis Culture.

All are invited to attend Friday’s protest and show their support.

* For more information contact the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club: 250-381-4220