Translating power

My first question is about my vaporizer. It is set up for 110 V (US) and I live in a country with 220 V. The thing is that I plugged it in without a transformer. The inner coil got bright red and a part melted. I took it apart and would like to know how to fix it. How can I make sure that it heats up to the right temperature without burning the THC?
My second question concerns legality. This year I’m starting college in the US or Canada, and I would like to know how most colleges deal with marijuana users on campus. Do they all go to jail for 20 years because they had a bud in their pocket? I applied to many US and Canadian universities.

I heard marijuana is legal in British Columbia. Smoking is an important part of my life and makes me consider the University of BC, especially since I received a scholarship and entered the honors program. If marijuana were the only criteria, where would you go? This obviously is not my only criterion. I don’t want to sound like a stupid stoner. I just care about my education and don’t want to go to jail.

Pablo S

You can buy a converter, an inexpensive transformer that will allow some US appliances to work on European sockets. The problem is that European electricity is calibrated at 50 hertz and North American at 60, so some appliances do not work properly, or burn out.

The US government has enacted war-like measures to fight drugs. For instance, students who have been busted for drugs cannot receive certain government scholarships or grants, (although violent felons are eligible for them). This is a special hardship for poor people, since the wealthier children can be sent to school with-out scholarships.

As for foreigners, or as they say in the States, potential terror suspects ? get caught with any drug once by the cops and you’re out of the country and you can’t come back for a long time. Other unique and quaint anomalies are that even if you are carrying a visa, student or work, if the immigration officer in charge doesn’t like you, he can send you back where you came from and you have no right to appeal.

“But I have to take my finals,” is not an excuse.

In Canada, pot is soon to be legal. It isn’t of great concern to the cops and you don’t have to pass through US immigration. Berkeley and Stanford are both in northern California, a very tolerant area of the country, where the authorities are not overly concerned with your pot use. Hard to believe, but true, Clinton went to Georgetown, where there is a priest on each dorm floor. The Commonwealth advertises, “Virginia is for lovers.” The vacation brochure might also read, “Come on vacation, Leave on probation.”

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