DEA Chief will help run new spy agency

America moved one giant step closer to becoming a complete police state this week when Congress approved $33 billion funding to authorize a new Cabinet level department called Homeland Security.
The new agency combines many drug war assets, including the Coast Guard, Customs Service, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Transportation Security Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency, with the CIA and agencies so secret that the government does not even admit they exist.

The goal of the new agency, in combination with the “Total Information Awareness” program that is being run by a criminal named John Poindexter who was instrumental in breaking laws by selling arms to Iran to fund Central American terrorists during the Reagan administration, is to surveil every American at a level only previously envisioned in science-fiction movies.

Homeland Security will be run by a scary guy – former Pennsylvania governor Tom Ridge – a hard-line, mean-looking drug warrior whose attitude towards human rights, freedom and law enforcement would have been well at home in Germany during the late 1930’s.

Ridge will be assisted by Drug Enforcement Administration Chief Asa Hutchinson, a former congressman from Arkansas who received unanimous approval to become Homeland Security’s undersecretary. He will be in charge of internal and transportation security, including border control.

Hutchinson was one of the most vicious pit bulls involved in the crucifixion of Bill Clinton during Clinton’s impeachment trial that was centered on whether Clinton lied about getting blow jobs from a young lover.

As DEA chief, Hutchinson has presided over an unprecedented series of raids and propaganda attacks on marijuana across the United States, in Canada, and in Europe.

Hutchinson routinely lies about marijuana, especially medical marijuana, and personally supervised California raids last year that attacked medpot growers and providers (including CC grow expert Ed Rosenthal).

He was instrumental in defeating several pro-marijuana state ballot measures during last year’s US November elections, and has consistently ignored science, health and compassion as he helped implement bans on hemp products, medpot, and other pro-freedom goods and services.

Hutchinson has been a big supporter of using the CIA and other spy apparatus in the drug war, and he has consistently voiced the lie that marijuana use and sales fuel terrorism.

The burly DEA head kind of looks like a solid citizen, but he’s not a nice guy. The Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association (HAPCOA), a group of some 1,100 command-level Hispanic law enforcement officers from across the country and Puerto Rico, recently accused Hutchinson of being “a party to continuing an insidious ‘good old boy’ network inside the DEA, thus perpetuating an atmosphere of distrust, reprisal and retaliation against minority employees for exercising their rights.”

In other words, HAPCOA charges, Hutchinson is not just a fascist, he is also a racist.

Hutchinson was a good choice to run the DEA – he has long been accused of involvement in cocaine smuggling activities involving international drug dealer Barry Seal at Mena airport in Arkansas decades ago.

In his new position with Homeland Security, Hutchinson gets to spend billions of dollars implementing his Orwellian vision of the American gulag. Likely Hutchinson proposals: all roads, air travel and marine traffic will be subject to checkpoints and inspections. The days of unrestricted movement are over.

And if Poindexter’s Total Information Awareness plans are fully funded, and backed by government supercomputers, almost every action engaged in by almost every American will be tracked electronically by spooks sitting in protected government buildings such as those that will house Homeland Security. The Homeland Security agency will be run by the Navy!

You don’t have to be a paranoid or a pot grower to see where America is heading.

Asa Hutchinson is so hard-hearted that he enjoys having his agents steal medicine from, and arrest, sick and dying people. Now that he has even more power and money than when he headed the DEA, what new horrors can Americans expect from their government?

There’s as yet no word about who will replace Hutchinson at DEA, but whoever ends up running the world’s biggest plant-killing agency, one thing is for sure, America is a prison, and its citizens are like rats in a maze, tormented by fascist monsters who crush them if they step out of line.