Forcing clones

If I take the clones and put them in a 12 hour light and 12 dark cycle right away, what will happen? I want to do this to save energy because my electricity bill is way too high using light continuously.
Augusta, Georgia

The clones will immediately start to flower. Mostly Indica varieties will stay fairly small, growing 25-50% taller than when they were forced. They will not branch. Growers using Indica hybrids in sea of green gardens let the clones grow into starters, 6-9 inches tall, before they force the plants.

Some pure Sativa hybrids can grow quite tall even when they are forced to flower as clones. They try to reach a certain minimum height before they devote all their energy to flowering. Sativa hybrids double in size or grow even taller after they are forced to flower. Height control varies by variety and even by individual plant.

The young plants may take a little longer to ripen than their older sisters, but no more than five days longer for fast ripening plants and up to 10 days longer for slow ripening plants.

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