Security suggestion

I think it’s a good idea for growers and smokers to review their security measures during flowering. My wife, who exercises by walking early in the morning, brought this to my attention. Over the past two weeks she has smelled wonderful odors coming from a neighbor’s house.
In the early morning the air is still and humid. Garden odors deliver a medley of floral scents. I went to check it out and a fantastic blueberry was distinctive in the morning cacophony of garden smells.

I’m afraid this family may be attracting unwanted attention to our neighborhood. To prevent this from happening to me, I have my wife with her keen nose go outside around our building at different times to check for smells. I also check for light holes regularly because buildings expand and contract all the time. New holes or cracks could be created.

I would like to tell this person, but I don’t know him and I don’t want to, either, for my own security. I’m sure they would be great people to know. I think I’ll drop them an anonymous note instead.

All-American Family Man,
Naples, Florida

Thanks for the advice, All-American. It’s nice of you write a note to your neighbor. Maybe you’ll meet him at your kid’s soccer game.

You have brought up a serious concern about making sure that your garden stays hidden, not only from sight, but from all the senses. Remember that not everyone is like All-American. In some communities there are large rewards offered for snitching. Delivery people, utilities workers or just an unsympathetic neighbor may turn you in. Former friends who are in trouble have a special incentive to help create new victims.

Many search warrants claim that there is probable cause because the police smelled the odor, saw suspicious window blocking rather than curtains, bright light through a crack or even bald patches on snowy roofs.

There are many ways to eliminate odors, including negative ion generators, ozone generators, carbon and electrostatic filters and chemical absorbers. There is no reason why your space need be surrounded by a cloud of odor. All-American’s suggestion that you check out the perimeter periodically is just a walk away.

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