Crashing copters

On July 29, a National Guard helicopter on an anti-marijuana mission started a massive forest fire in California. The chopper pilot severed a power-line during a low-flying pot-patrol, sparking an inferno which burned over 61,000 acres and destroyed 150 buildings, including three dozen homes. The fire blazed for over three weeks, while over 3000 firefighters struggled to contain the inferno, at a cost of over $25 million. The National Guard will be forced to pay many more millions in compensation claims.
On August 8, a Missouri Highway Patrol helicopter on a marijuana-eradication mission lost its tail rotor and nearly crashed into a building with explosive gases, welding equipment and over 200 people inside. The pilot managed to avoid the building, and the rush-hour packed highway, and safely landed the chopper with only minor injuries to himself and his fellow nark passenger.