Cops to return medpot grow equipment

US citizen Steve Kubby, former Libertarian candidate for governor, arrested in the US for growing medical marijuana to save his life from cancer, has been making news in Canada since he fled north of the border hoping for more compassionate laws.
Last May, RCMP raided his home on British Columbia’s pot-friendly Sunshine Coast. Since then he has received an exemption to use medical marijuana from the Canadian government, and on November 25, 2002, the Provincial Court ordered the RCMP to return his grow equipment. Kubby was happy that he would get his equipment back, but wonders why he was busted in the first place. On November 26, Kubby was in court asking that cops find a way to make up for arresting him.

“We are going to ask for a lot of marijuana back to send a message to the RCMP,” Kubby told Cannabis Culture. “These are sick people that are being arrested. You cant take marijuana from us anymore than you can take insulin from a diabetic. That medicine is our legal property.”

Meanwhile, Kubby has authored a groundbreaking 2-part CD ROM video explaining how to grow medical marijuana, and how to apply to the Canadian government for an exemption, that has already gathered interest from the underground publishing house Loompanics.

Cannabis Culture issue 42 will cover the Kubby’s request for the return of his medical marijuana, and an upcoming hearing to decide whether Kubby can remain safely in Canada, protected from the American injustice system that would surely kill him by depriving him of his medicine behind bars.

– To buy a copy of Kubby’s CD, contact Steve Kubby at [email protected], or drop by the BC Marijuana Party Bookstore on Hastings St in Vancouver. For an online preview visit