Winter bald spots

I’ve been growing in closets for over a year. I recently shifted my garden to an attic and I’m a little concerned. I’m growing with a 1000w MH for flowering, and banks of fluorescents for vegetative growth. The attic is adequately vented for summer, but when winter comes, I fear for the garden and my own safety.
I live in Ohio, and when the snows come, I’m afraid one of two things will happen. Either the garden will get too cold and kill the plants, or the lights will produce too much heat and leave tell-tale bare patches in the snow on my roof. Is there any cure for that short of full insulation, or should I just keep a few mothers in a closet to restart in spring?

Anonymous II,

My solution would be to build an enclosed space in the attic. You could use frame and wallboard, aluminized bubblepack or polyethylene. The walls and ceiling will enclose the heat so it can be controlled.

Dump the fluorescents and the MH lamp and replace all the lights with HPS lamps. They are much more efficient and will produce a better yield during both vegetative growth and flowering.

Use an air-cooled horizontal reflector. Since the air used to cool the lamp has no odor, it can be vented directly into the living area of the house to help heat it during the cool period. The air vented from the garden space can be cleansed using charcoal filters and an electrostatic precipitator before it is vented into the house or outside through the chimney.

The rest of the attic can be cooled using vents or fans so that the snow won’t melt and leave bald spots on the roof.

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